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About Us

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Animal Memorial Service is a family owned company based in Gilroy, California. Together with veterinary hospitals across Northern California, AMS is able to provide the best afterlife care options to grieving pet owners.

Co-owners Jeff Franks and Brian Maxwell, DVM each bring unique qualities that make AMS the premier choice for pet aftercare. Dr. Maxwell is a local veterinarian - animals are his life’s passion and he can sympathize with the difficult grieving process that pet owners go through. Jeff is a skilled operations manager, and together they understand the varying needs and wishes of their pet owners by providing a variety of aftercare options. Jeff and Brian have built AMS on the foundation of compassion, trust, and environmental responsibility. They are the first team in Northern California to incorporate the gentle, water based cremation method, allowing them to offer an eco-friendly option to their customers. AMS also employs a sophisticated barcode tracking system to ensure your pet is always accounted for throughout the process ensuring 100% accuracy. Together, Jeff and Brian are an educated, experienced team that is committed to providing the utmost professional, caring service in the industry at this very difficult time.


Peppers Fund

A pet owner can request some financial assistance with their pet’s individual cremation and if there are funds available AMS will tap into them to cover the expense. A running log of funds donated and funds disbursed is available at  

If you wish to request funds to help with your pets individual cremation please click below.   


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