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Water Based Cremation

Animal Memorial Service (AMS) is proud to be the first pet cremation facility in Northern California to provide the revolutionary technology of Alkaline Hydrolysis, or Water Based Cremation. This gentle and natural alternative to incineration cremation allows you to honor the loss of your pet in a more environmentally friendly way.

Water Based Cremation is an established and successful technology that provides numerous environmental benefits by using gentle water flow to mimic Mother Nature’s own process. Also, for a completely green cremation AMS offers a biodegradable urn for the pet’s ashes.  

Since the Fall of 2015 AMS has transitioned all of its pet cremations to the use of Water Based Cremation, unless a pet family has specifically requested traditional incineration cremation.  Please contact us at if you would prefer incineration cremation for your pet.  

Why AMS switched to Water Based Cremation

Starting in 2011 we investigated the use of water based cremation as an alternative to traditional incineration based cremation. We were intrigued by the possibilities of being able to continue our evolution as a pet cremation company by offering an eco-friendly and natural process to our clients. At that time there were a couple of companies that were starting to produce water based cremation machines. After 2 years of investigation we finally found a system that we thought would be able to deliver on the promise of pet cremation using Alkaline Hydrolysis.

We purchased our first machine in the summer of 2014 and started experimenting with the use of water cremation. We were so excited about he results that we purchased a larger machine to enable us to transition all of our cremations to this water based process. The cremation results are the exact same as with traditional incineration cremation but uses a fraction of the fossil fuels that incineration cremation uses. 

Why use Water Based Cremation?

Simply, it is an environmentally friendly gentle and natural, water based technology. There are no toxic emissions and no contribution to green house gases and it is 100% safe for the environment.

It also:

  • Decreases natural gas use by 90%
  • Reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 90% (AMS has reduced CO2 emissions by 150,000 lbs per month - (over 2M lbs since our transition). Roughly the equivalent of 40 less cars on the road per day.
  • Saves 66% electricity from traditional methods
  • The resulting liquid from the process is benign and beneficial and is currently being repurposed, recycled and used in many ways, including the agriculture industry.  There is no waste.  Additionally, as we continue to strive to be the most eco-responsible cremation company in Northern California, a portion of any revenue generated from the repurposing of the liquid effluent is donated to the World Wildlife Fund.  It is our hope that our systems can not only help to save the planet, but also diretly help to save endangered species throughout the world.

Whether or not you believe in climate change you cannot argue with the increase in the global temperatures over the last decade. This is a direct result of an increase in CO2 emissions and the use water based cremation has a direct reduction in CO2.

Here are a few links to how Alkaline Hydrolysis works and how CO2 emissions are directly effecting our planet.

  •  Link to more information on what 400 part per million CO2 means to our future